Saturday, January 04, 2014

Home to Mankinholes to Walsden

A mild morning for a wander - hat, gloves, scarf and jumper removed before I'd gone 200 yards :)

150+ Fieldfare in fields at Cross Lane, Mankinholes
1 Little owl by Pennine Bridleway by Top Brink
7 Goosander (2 drakes) at Lee Dam
1 Little Owl at Lee Dam
5 Lapwing at Longfield Dam
1 f. Goldeneye at Longfield Dam
106 Redwing at Knowl Wood in birch trees
1 Kestrel over at Knowl Wood


Dave Sutcliffe said...

A nice mix there Matt. There seem to be quite a few Little Owls about which is good as I think that snow last year in March hit them hard so think they perhaps did well to recover from that.

NTBR said...

Well done for getting out and about with the bins Nick.

Jeff Cox said...

identity crisis time :)

Matt Bell said...

Nice work Sarah ;)