Friday, January 31, 2014

Cromwell Bottom etc.

5 Shoveler this morning on the ski-lake at Cromwell Bottom from Steve L was a very good find. Not a common bird locally. They were also seen later from Tony M and I managed to get down there later on and they were still on the ski-lake at 2 pm with the drake looking very smart!
No sign of the Scaup on the fishing lake unless it's hiding away on the ski-lake?
1 f Tufted Duck
1 Cormoramt >E

Earlier I picked out a singing Dipper in the stream at Dean Clough, Halifax - just by the car park where the culvert exits under the mills. It's really encouraging to find Dippers so close to the town centre, though this is a regular spot for them.

Mixenden Res'r held 5 Goldeneye still this afternoon 1 drake and 4 female type but the weather was terrible so I didn't stay long!

No sign of any Waxwings at King Cross !

Quite a few Redwings around this morning but not seen later in the day so perhaps they had been roosting nearby.


Brian Sumner . said...

Shoveler,s a nice find for the area

AndyC said...

Great find,anyone any idea what is going on ,on the far side of the lake looks like there building something.??

FRAN44 said...

Restoring Cromwell lock.