Monday, April 01, 2013

Todmorden Moor

A raven gliding overhead as we got togged up at the car looked a good omen, but 500 yards up the track we turned back - the bitter east wind was going right through us and we knew we would be walking back into it.

Carrion crows.
One Meadow Pipit.
But scenery like arctic tundra, streaked with snow.

So we went along the canal bank towards Summit.
One grey wagtail
Couple of robins singing.
Canada Geese
Again the best thing was the scenery!

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Jeff Cox said...

I walked up to Langfield last week in the snow and wind and I can't say it was enjoyable but I wanted to see if there were any Twite about up there yet. Needless to say I didn't see any. Also the pools that usually have spawing frogs were empty but I'm sure they'll be OK soon.