Friday, April 05, 2013


A Chiffchaff singing around Tag Tip Pond and Tag Cut was the only evidence of any migrants that I saw today. This individual was quite mobile and could quite easily have been mistaken for three birds had notes not been taken of its movements. I'd had a Blackcap singing around the feeders on the 13th, but this could quite easily have been a wintering bird.
Still plenty of Siskins, Bullfinches and the odd Reed Bunting to be seen on the feeders.
Adult and juv Mute Swan still in the lagoon. A Coot appears to be on a nest here and Little Grebe can be heard calling.
Frog spawn evident in several ponds but no adults to be seen.
A small butterfly, possibly a Small Copper, flew past the screen hide, but was too fast for a positive i.d..
Pretty cold down there today so still waiting for things to kick off.

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charlie streets said...

Your butterfly may have been a day flying moth - an Orange Underwing. It favours birch trees and is on the wing now.