Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Langfield Edge and Lee Dam this afternoon

It was a great day for a walk so I set off for a long-ish wander in the sun this afternoon, intending to look for Wheatear and Twite up at Langfield and Gaddings.

Langfield/Jail Hole
There were a few Mipits about but not as many as expected for this time of year so spring is definitely delayed. Wheatear were not to be found and no Reed Bunts or Linnet yet either. However, there were 2 Twite at Jail Hole so one target bird out of two wasn't bad.

Gaddings was bereft of birds too, apart from just 2 singing Skylarks.

Lee Dam
Was significantly more interesting today than yesterday. The same 3 Mallards and f. Goosander were there, along with 2 Canada Geese, but as I watched the Goosander was joined by 2 Pied Wagtails, bathing at the water's edge and these were then joined by a Grey Wagtail.

The wagtails were then scared off by 4 Teal landing in the water a few yards away.
The Goosander just went back to sleep.

As I couldn't find any Wheatear up at Langfield I decided to walk over to Swillington/Rough Head to try my luck there, but no joy there either. They are their way, so another few days and things will change I'm sure.

Walking down Stoodley Clough the afternoon finished off nicely with a Jay and a Dipper.

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