Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mystery Photo !

Identity revealed - easier now!!
Lapland Bunting

With apologies to David Crawshaw for the delay in posting this mystery photo he took from Orford Ness recently.

Any takers ??


martynbirder said...

Lapland Bunting

AndyC said...

Don't it a woodlark.???

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Doh! I went for R T Pipit. We are both wrong. Any more having a go?0

Jim Welford said...

More the posture than anything else, Snow Bunting?

Nick Carter said...

E mail from Mick Cunningham from a hotel in Slough
Hi nick
Hope u well. Stuck in hotel room in slough looking at web on my phone. Re mystery bird could u post comment????
"on my tiny screen middle tertial looks to have classic emberiza bunting thumb print pattern so i would start with them and take it from there. Any good?"

Cheers mick

corsa said...

lapland bunting

Jeff Cox said...

I looked back to my pics of the Lapland Bunting I took a couple of years ago and I'd also now say Lapland Bunting.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Well done to all. Its a Lapland Bunt. Will post the next photo later tonight. It's obvious then. Good for everyone to have a go and thanks David. Send us another poser when you are ready. !!