Sunday, April 28, 2013

Other news today

A Marsh Tit reported today from Stev L near Bowers Mill Barkisland/Stainland - upstream from the pond. This is a real rarity for our area so if anyone gets chance to check the site out and re-locate it that would be a great - and try to get some record shots if you can (photo's)!!.

Several Swifts reported from the ski-lake area at Cromwell Bottom again today

Pair of Blackcaps still feeding on our garden fat-balls again today - they move all other birds on and they even see off the local Nuthatch. I think the Grey Squirrels might be tougher opposition !!

6 Common Sandpipers and LRP reported from Green Withens Res'r as well today. (GS)

Waxwings still about with 21 reported at Valley Grove near Bradshaw this morning before moving off south (PR and BH)

Redstart today in a large garden near the golf course between Midgley and Mount Skip (MH)


Steve Blacksmith said...

I spent a pleasant half hour today at the site mentioned for the Marsh Tit, but no sight or sound of it. 4.15 -5.15

TheBaldIbis said...

Blue, Great and Coal Tits seen on Sunday, but no sight or sound of Marsh