Saturday, April 06, 2013

I had a little stroll around Lumbutts this afternoon and saw a lovely Sparrowhawk circling over the Church and a Teal on Lee Dam (with mallard and canadas)  There was a nice pair of Mistle thrushes  and a bird with a very unusual song - thrush like but with a whipper-will whistle to it.  It was a fieldfare and there was also a flock of 7-8 of them around  - Quite late I thought but with one singing  - could it happen ??   It was snowy enough to be the Northlands!

Update  - Redwings in Tolson park in Huddersfield today 9th April - what is with our winter thrushes !!

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Jeff Cox said...

Nice one Mark. This is my local patch and there can be a couple of pairs of Teal on Lee Dam. No Little Grebe there yet which is disappointing but not totally unexpected as they werre flooded out last year. Mistle Thrush are usually around the Chapel at Lumbutts too. The snow drifts are slowly disappearing but Mankinholes was completely cut off for a day during the blizzards.