Friday, April 26, 2013

Lee Mount

An 'Eagle eyed' daughter this early evening spotted a pair of Blackcaps in the garden on the fat ball feeder. Unfortunately they were soon disturbed by one (of the many) local cats that pass this way. Good spot though, a first for us on a feeder. They are seen/heard in summer in the trees at the back and we have had winter records of them eating raisins and apples on the grass but good to see them on the feeder - maybe the cooler weather with fewer insects about today was a factor (?)


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Both on that fat balls again today.

Brian Sumner . said...

Nice birds for the garden, well spotted to your daughter, do you hire her out ?
Lynda thought we had a Canary in the Hawthorn this morning then saw it was the edge of a yellow apple, should have gone to spec savers.