Monday, June 25, 2012

'' RED'' Swallow

Yesterday whilst in and around crow Hill I noticed a large number of swifts heading north with a few swallows in with them also heading north one Swallow stood out a  beautiful-looking bird, with underparts and under-wing coverts a wholly deep-reddish colour, the red extended to the under tail coverts and made for quite a striking bird. I watched it for about 10 mins hunting insects low amongst the juncuss and around the manure piles ,it then headed off low n/w and was not seen again.Anyone else noticed one of these before.??


Andy Kiz said...

another 'bloody' swallow! ;)

Jim Welford said...

The colouration can vary widely, never seen anything approaching a transitiva though.

AndyC said...

It was a bit paler than that one but the extent of red is band on..