Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fly Flatts

We went up there this afternoon to put some more Niger seed down for the Twite though it will probably get washed away again in the next day or two. NK had 4 Twite there yesterday but not a sign of any today! Thanks as well go to BS for topping the feeding station up on a regular basis.
7 usual wader species but no mud for them as res'r still full to overflowing.
Pair of Kestrel
6 Swifts
Usual mipits, skylark and 1 Reed Bunting.
Little Owl opposite the wind farm car park.


Brian Sumner . said...

Started spreading the seed more in case the Canadas have got a taste for it, also a few Pheasant about.
Over the last 3 day holiday the seed had completely gone the morning after with no rain , somethings eating it?

Nick Carter said...

Little Owl at Blake Dean on Sunday.