Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Other news

Up to around 18 Crossbills at Ogden but they can be elusive till the pine cones start raining down. See BS blog and some great photo's including shots of juveniles yesterday.
A few Siskin around including od flyovers on two occasions this week over Lee Mount plus others at Withens Clough and Ogden.

Also from an undisclosed site a Hobby has been seen on two days this week.

Still very few House Martins about - is anyone else getting them in the usual areas. Lots of Swallows around though, thank goodness but Swifts seem to be down in numbers!

Also from yesterday via BS of two Kingfishers at a site in north Halifax.


Brian Sumner . said...

Two of the three usual breeding sites in Queensbury for House Martins have had a quick visit from them and then nothing, very much like last year.

Andy Kiz said...

Any chance of a text on the hobby location DJ? Need for year list still

Matt Bell said...

Large numbers (150+)of house martins congregate at Eastwood Sewage works whenever it's raining

Bruce said...

Hi Dave
We also had two Siskin fly over at Holmfield on Monday PM