Friday, December 01, 2023

Skircoat Green

In the last few weeks there has been many reports of Waxwings from around the country, particularly Scotland and the north east as well as other parts of West Yorkshire, Lancashire and elsewhere. With the report of 4 in Norland, (from AT) last week and those in Todmorden yesterday and again today then there must have been a good chance locally.

On checking some traditional sites for Waxwings I eventually came across 15 in the tops of trees in the St Albans area. Always a nice surprise. Plenty of Blackbirds along with a few Redwings and Mistle Thrushes and Greenfinch were also enjoying the feast of berries. Spectacle also enjoyed this afternoon from residents as well as local birders (SM, DJB, AC).

Maybe, hopefully, they will stay around that location a few more days until the berries are gone. There is always a chance of these, or others turning up elsewhere in Calderdale where there are berries, particularly Rowans. Sometimes even in small gardens.

Apologies no photos to post as I only had the phone camera but maybe someone else will get some shots to post at some stage.

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