Saturday, April 03, 2021

 I was encouraging (I was trying to be encouraging to) birders to cover more of the Upper Calder woodland cloughs for summer migrant songbirds. Jonathan S. had reported the first Common Redstarts at Hardcastle Crags.  Matthew B went up Broadhead Clough and got this year's first reported Willow Warbler. Adrian Z said he had Redstarts in Broadhead Clough on  numerous occasions, and I've had Wood Warbler there.

It seems that most birders go to to Hardcastle Crags, where there are known to be Common Redstarts,  2 species of Flycatcher, and Wood Warbler. Tree Pipits used to be present at the top end around Blake Dean.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of woodlands in the Upper Calder Valley which seem to be little watched.

Withens Clough  - WoodWa (Nick C)

Colden Clough inc. Eaves Wood - WoodWa, CRedstart (SB)

Brearley Wood  - WoodWa (SB)

Stoodley Glen  - WoodWa (SB)

Crow Nest Wood, Hebden Bridge  - WoodWa (SB)

Jumble Hole Clough  - WoodWa, PFly (Matt B)

Pudsey Clough, Cornholme - S.Fly, also Ring Ouzel higher up (SB)

Todmorden Edge Woods (behind the park) - S.Fly (SB)

Crimsworth Dean P.Fly (AVH et al)

The above records are over a period of  years. Below are some others which look perfectly suitable for migrants.

Rawtenstall Wood - Hebden Bridge

Horsehold Scout - Hebden Bridge

Burnt Acre Wood

Callis Wood

Lumbutts Clough - Todmorden

Shaw Wood - Todmorden

Gorpley Clough - up Bacup Road

Wittonstall Clough - Cornholme

Ramsden Clough near Gordon Rigg's

Kilnhurst Wood - Todmorden

Cat Hole Clough  - Lydgate

Dean Hey Wood  - Cragg Vale

Let's start a thread on "Summer woodland migrant - new sites" 

With apologies if I've missed anybody's records out.



darrell j prest said...

Are those recent reports? Or historical As it makes no sense
The woodland in rishworth by the pub looks good but private

Jeff Cox said...

I used to cover all the cloughs around Todmorden and some at Hebden when I lived up by Lumbutts. Had Wood Warbler in Shaw Wood Clough and Burnt Acre Wood a few times and Spotted Fly in Lumbutts Clough. I left in 2014 though so these records are old ones.

Matt Bell said...

I didn't know you had wood warbler in Burnt Acre Wood Jeff? I'll check that out this spring

David Sutcliffe said...

Some good big woodlands up that end Steve. They seem to be under-watched so it's good to encourage some checking as spring and summer approaches.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Dave. I'm living in Todmorden now, Jeff. Moved up fom Halifax last year. Yes, Darrell, the records I listed are over a period of years - I put that in my post.

Wood Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher have sadly taken big dips nationally but locally Common Redstart and Pied Flycatcher seem to be breeding successfully if not in huge numbers.

It's good to know that people are starting to find Willow Warblers this week. Can't wait to hear that beautiful song again!