Friday, February 05, 2021

Cold Edge dams

 Just over a couple of hours doing the rounds up there from Wainstalls as far as The Withens and back via a different route

27 species..
1 Meadow Pipit >E
14 Lapwings >E
20 Greylag Geese outnumbered the 16 Canadas
1 Moorhen
6 Redwings
20+ Blackbirds scattered around
Sparrowhawk display nearby was quite amazing to watch
Plus a few other 'bits and pieces'
Looking far, across to Soil Hill in the center
Some pretty wet tracks still after all the recent snow

Next lot of clouds building over the wind-farm


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Great to be out and about today Dave.

Steve Blacksmith said...

How did the Sparrowhawk display Dave?

Mick C said...

Are you just asking which of their various modes of display they used cos you know the different types they use Steve ( I assume yes, so forgive what follows)
Sprwks display is like most accipiters and same as goshawk which is worth remembering ie
Singles or a pair will slowly circle soar over a territory
They fluff out their white undertail coverts, just like goshawks making tail look fat and short: giving a goshawk look
Females especially will do a slow motion wing flapping across top of potential territory. And then look bigger than they are giving appearance of harrier or goshawk at times
The most spectacular phase is bird rising up high then plunging down on closed wings, sometimes repeating this in a series of roller coaster rise and dives. It's my favourite British bird. Hope I've not taught Granny to suck eggs! It's surprisingly hard to see this in oxon owing to paucity of woodland. Jealous.

David Sutcliffe said...

Always appreciate your thoughts and comments Mick. The bird in question was distant but the display was as described in your last paragraph. Thrilling.