Thursday, February 06, 2020

Feeding Finches

Whilst walking round Hollas Lane Nature Reserve yesterday I noticed a couple of finches feeding on what seemed to be Rosebay Willowherb seedheads. Fully expecting them to be Linnets I took a few shots and was pleasantly surprised to find they were in fact Lesser Redpolls. I've  always associated them with birches and alders, usually feeding above the skyline near the tree tops.

Throughout the winter I've had Goldfinch flocks visiting the garden feeding on the Verbena Bonariensis seedheads. Here's a small part of a record 17 birds a week or so ago. They're also great for attracting late summer butterflies and moths.


David Sutcliffe said...

Nice one Charlie - and to think I cut mine down a month since. A great plant for the garden and wildlife !

David Sutcliffe said...

And of course great to find some Lesser Redpoll - they seem to be a bit scarce this winter, unless it's just about looking in the right place.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Great garden sightings Charlie.
I once watched with surprise a Redpoll perching on seeding grasses in Withens Clough, stuffing itself with seeds from the grass-heads. (Yorkshire Fog grass.)

Dave Brotherton said...

Great sighting Charlie, well spotted.