Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Purple Sandpiper

This is the best I could get of Andy C's Purple Sandpiper at Ringstone today

A great find Andy, it was very hard to spot through the heat haze, spending most of its time resting low between the rocks at great distance and only moving  occasionally, here it is with a Dunlin

This crop is massive but the yellow/orange bill can be seen, just!

Hopefully JM managed to get something better

photo by Dave P.....(great photo)


David Sutcliffe said...

Well done Phil for the record shot and to Andy for finding it in the first place this morning. A great record.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Great find and photo.
Well done.
John L.

AndyC said...

Nice one Phil glad you got a photo to confirm...excellent.....carnt be many Purple Sand records inland in Spring...??

David T said...

Fantastic find AndyC and well done Phil with your photo 👍

Just for the record I do not believe there has ever been a Purple Sand sighting in the Hudds Area outside of August-November, no idea with Calderdale Birding Area though.

Still there by the way at 21:10hrs along with 2 Ringed Plover and a single Dunlin

AndyC said...

Carnt seem to find any local / records of Purple Sandpiper in spring inland..NOt any in Bradford , York , Huddersfield or Bradford..Any one know of any ..??

Dave Pennington said...

Apparently there was one at Fairburn, 20-23/05/85.

AndyC said...

Thanks Dave..is that the only one..??..1985..!!