Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Photo by DF. Is it just me or does this bird look a bit odd. At first at a distance in bad light I called out Bar-tailed Godwit then as we got closer we thought oh no its a Black tailed. Looking at the flanks they seem to be reddish which is a strong indication of Icelandic Black Tailed Godwit. What do others think?????


Mick C said...

Assuming it is actually in full breeding plum rather than stained/ shadow doesn't pale bill base rule out barwit as that has all black bill. Although I don't know when soft parts change

AndyC said...

Looks like Blackwit to me , its been well deep in the mud but orange on flanks points to Icelandic origin..,,,but it not conclusive with all that mud on it.??