Friday, May 25, 2018

Weather about to break so must have a look at
the Peregrines at Square Chapel Spire (Piece Hall or Library Spire to some.) Peregrines originally reported by AB this year I believe, also by MSt.

04.31 Male Peregrine appeared straight away, flew in and perched on the outside.
04.58 Male and female Peregrine flying round.
05.00 Male Peregrine flying round calling.
05.12 Female Peregrine flew out from spire and perched on the outside, preened.
If there is a Peregrine nest it could be on the balcony behind the north facing balustrade.
Fewer Jackdaws than two years ago when I counted birds prior to building work, when Kestrels were  present. Kestrels missed a year during building project.
One Jackdaw nest on east side, another over the yard in the Industrial Museum, and another in the Hughes Corporation building, just over the road.
05.15 One Pigeon flew out and back into the spire.
05.16 Male Peregrine flew out from balustrade ledge and flew directly north.
05.24 Pigeon flew away.
05.29 Female Peregrine had gone - didn't see it go.

(Edited notes - several other sightings of Peregrines circling spire.)

Female who came out to preen.


Brian Sumner . said...

Thanks for the 0430 and 0500 hrs wake up texts Steve, just what I wanted. I didnt grapevine it so everyone else could continue sleeping.

NTBR said...

Up with the lark Brian.