Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lee, Longfield and Gaddings Dams, Common Scoter

A reasonable day at last so went out for a walk around the dams.
Mankinholes – a Little Owl  and a Kestrel on the ruined barn
Lee Dam
Goosander    1
Teal – 7
Moorhen  – 3
Dipper – 1
Jay – 1
Little Owl - 2
Longfield Dam
Lapwing – 15
Mistle Thrush – 1
Meadow Pipit – 1
Pied Wagtail – 2
Gaddings Dam
Goldeneye – 7 all females….and another bird that I took for a Great Crested Grebe at first, based on colouration and white cheeks. It was over the far side of the dam but I’d seen GCGs there in the past so even though it was a poor view, it was most likely another one. I texted Dave S to let him know. A few minutes passed and I looked again, got a better view and I wasn’t so sure so I waited to see if the birds would come any closer but they didn’t. I walked round the dam, out of sight, hoping to come up behind them and get a closer view but when I popped my head up they had gone over to the other side.This was repeated a few times! I took a few photos to try and get a better impression but they were inconclusive for me, although I was sure it wasn’t GCG now, so I rang Andy H for help.
Andy had a great idea to zoom in on one of the photos on my camera and take a snap of the screen with my phone, then send the photo to him. Meanwhile I told Dave S that the GCG id was being reviewed and I sent the same photo to him. It was poor quality to say the least but almost simultaneously both Andy and Dave came back with female Common Scoter. My first Common Scoter in Calderdale and my first female Scoter thanks to Andy and Dave.
I was able to get a few better photos a little later.


David Sutcliffe said...

Well done Jeff, great stuff.

AndyC said...

Nice selection there,,,

Nick Carter said...

Great work Jeff!