Saturday, December 31, 2016

Waxwings, Todmorden

My wife reported a small number in the Myrtle St car park when she was shopping this morning.

When walking through to catch a train at 1200, a flock of 40-50 was very flighty over the bus station, landing briefly on a single tree there before moving off back towards their previous haunt.


Andrew Huyton said...

No further sign around 2pm despite extensive search. Simon Hitchen, Littleborough birder reported 71 at midday

David Sutcliffe said...

Plenty of Waxwings reported by Todmorden bus station around 13:10 (Nigel G)

Sandra said...

35 waxwings around our house for over an hour, up to approx. 1030am. Opposite our
front door (8 Ramsden Wood Road). In a garden shrub with delicate pink berries and flying to the top of the tall tree nearby. Think I'll rent out our doorstep!

Stop Press: 1050am they're back!