Friday, December 30, 2016

Todays news

Lots of reports today - Waxwings and Pink-footed Geese flyovers.
Waxwings started with reports from Pellon Lane/Queens Road early on (AH) with c30 there at 08:50 then dwindling, though Fieldfares and Redwings arrived later on. A few Waxwings at Lane Head, Brighouse and Brighouse Library (AC and MSt)

Soon after lunchtime came a spate of  'pinkies' >W or >NW. c100, c200, 68, 52, with another 55 over late afternoon. (PG, AC, MBr, MSt, AH, NCD et al)

Ringstone today (JB) - 355 Golden Plover and 285 Lapwing

Still another day of this year - wonder what will turn up tomorrow !?

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brian percival said...

Saw possibly the same flocks of pink footed geese still heading West yesterday above the Ribble at Osbaldestone.