Friday, December 02, 2016

Ogden & Soil Hill

          Couple of hours plodding around Ogden Plantation
          and Soil Hill produced very little, bumped into JL
          and DP who'd had the same lack of sightings though
          JL had spotted a Little Owl on his walk.

         8 Pheasant
         6 Wren
         8 Goldcrest
         2 Robin
         6 Wood Pigeon
         1 Possible Yellowhammer ?
         1 Calling Brambling but no sighting,
         Gulls, Crows, Magpies a plenty and a few un ID'd flyovers.

          Soil Hill-:
          1 male Stonechat
          1 Wren.

          8 Goldfinch
          2 Blackbird
          1 Mistle Thrush.

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