Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soil Hill

Solid couple of hours this afternoon at Soil Hill. Highlight was a skein of ~200 Pink-footed Geese that flew west at around 14.05.
I was disappointed to not see the Lapland Bunting that flew over. I picked up the bird calling (Seemingly fairly close, although in clear conditions the sound could have carried) and heading north but I was unable to get eyes on it. It continued calling but was noticeably getting more distant which leads me to suspect the bird did not drop in, and carried on going. It may have gotten up from the deck before it began calling, or may have just been flying over. Either way, I was unable to get eyes on the bird. A patch tick gone begging...
-Pink Footed Geese
Other bits and pieces:
-Male Stonechat still knocking about
-2+ Meadow Pipit
-Reed Bunting
-3+ Wren
-Teal in the pool on the N side
-4 Fieldfare
-~25 Lapwing


Brian Sumner . said...

Nice to know Lap Bunts still head over the hill Daniel. Had a few drop ins over the years.

David Sutcliffe said...

Great record Daniel - are you not allowed a 'patch tick' for a flyover !?

Daniel Branch said...

I don't patch tick birds I don't see unfortunately, even though I heard it. I know most birders are happy ticking 'heard only' but it doesn't sit right with me. The only species I would possibly make an exception for would be Quail.