Monday, December 12, 2016

Todays news

See West Yorkshire Birding blog from BS for a report on a big skein (100+) of Pink-footed Geese >SW over Queensbury today at 12:40 (and also some Waxwings on Burdock Way) - nice work Bri.
I went out looking for the flyovers but missed out on them but did manage a Great-spotted Woodpecker fly-over instead !

Also a report from Will G of 60 Pinks over Lightcliffe >W at 13:48 today. Thanks Will.

And a very interesting report from Kay R from yesterday -----"This morning while sitting in my car in Stoneywood cemetery it was hit hard on the passenger window. a flurry of feathers and a bird rolled down the bonnet. In swooped a sparrow hawk , picked up the probably dead bird and flew off along the road and up into a large tree. presume the bird was being chased by the sparrowhawk it looked behind and hit the car ! awesome." 

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