Saturday, October 15, 2016

Warley Moor

Managed to find the Black Redstart again this afternoon with Bri. The bird was located at 'Slade' on the surrounding walls and gave us a bit of a run-around. Tricky to get a decent shot of - this below was the best I could do but the 3 Wheatears it was generally with, were just a bit more obliging. At least one of them was probably a Greenland bird. We left them on the walls opposite the wind-farm car park at Moorlands Farm area around 16:15.
Bad luck for Steve B who missed out on it earlier.
If anyone goes for it then try to locate the Wheatears first then check closely for the 'little smoky looking one with the red tail' flitting about with them !!
A few mipits about as well as some Red Grouse.
See Brian's blog for more photo's of the bird - link is West Yorkshire Birding. Nice one Bri.

 Black Redstart


Brian Sumner . said...

Good pics Dave and once again, well found.Left the bird yesterday right on by the mast moving towards Withens Gap along the wall tops, probably getting insects in the last of the sun.

Phil D said...

Great pictures of the Wheatear Dave, I've tried a few times over the summer to get a decent shot and haven't come close!