Sunday, October 09, 2016

Edge Lane, Colden to Lower Gorple

An afternoon walk produced the following:


- a marsh harrier flew south along the ridge of what I think is called Heptonstall Moor, putting up clouds of meadow pipits as it flew low over the moorland.
- 2 reed bunting
- 60+ redwing
- 3 red grouse
- 2 goldcrest
- 2 kestrel

- common buzzard gave great view, and was harassed by a kestrel
- 2 reed bunting
- a flock of 15 siskin
- 7 lapwing on the shoreline
- raven (h)
- this red grouse in photo below. It was basically stuck in a boggy ditch, and allowed me to pick it up. I examined it, and although it looked a bit ruffled, there was no wounds or punctures, so I placed it down further onto the moor. I suspect a walkers dog had had hold of it

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David Sutcliffe said...

A good do there Matt. Nice to see a 'ressie' with some shoreline for a change!!!