Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Around 12 noon I got  a phone call from Jan G - Hoopoe near Cottonstones (above Mill Bank) -what a find.!     Alerted the troops.... and got up there with DF and NR soon after 1 pm.
Jan and Alan showed us the photos taken of the bird, late morning, just outside their house.!!

Despite  a search this afternoon also with NCD and AT et al, we could not relocate the bird. It may well be around as we did meet another lady who had seen the bird on and off during the last week or so.

Hopefully Jan will be able to post some photos later.
Thanks for the phone call Jan - what a great find ! A rare bird for Calderdale.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

A great bird to find in Calderdale.

Matt Bell said...

That sounds close to where the woodchat shrike was a few years ago. Calderdale's mediterranean triangle. Great find.

ChrisJB said...

Brilliant, what a discovery. I like pottering around Cottonstones, but never seen anything that good!

brian percival said...

That is brilliant.