Saturday, October 01, 2016


Where do all the Blackbirds go at this time of year?

I have a lot in the garden during Spring & Summer when they are feeding young and in the Winter when they are moving about looking for food but at this time of year I rarely seen any in my garden.  What happens to them?  I assume they are still about but I dont see them as there is a lot of their natural food available and they dont need to visit the gardens for the seed I put down?

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Brian Sumner . said...

Our British breeding Blackbirds, the ones you get in your garden, are semi migratory so move south without leaving Britain with several moving across to Ireland whilst southern Blackbirds head for France.
Our Blackbirds are replaced with mainly continental Blackbirds from Europe, Scandinavia etc
so some years we can double the Blackbird population during winter.
These birds will only use your garden if there is a poor supply of berries the same as Waxwings.
Complicated things these birds Vicki.