Tuesday, October 04, 2016


From last night (3rd October) - still at least 2 pairs of House Martins near Silk Mill Chase (but not sure where the nest site is) - wonder if they are still feeding young there (?)

Anyone else still getting any House Martins ?


Hugh Firman said...

No but last bird at Cornholme school was recorded on 26th September. School children have been monitoring them.

David Sutcliffe said...

That's great for the children to be involved Hugh.

brian taylor said...

There were 50 here (at Pexwood) on the 4th September (and 20 on the 8th August), but what I've missed has been the continual presence of smaller numbers of martins feeding up on the hillside. Its been horribly quiet this year. I don't remember it like this.

In previous years I've only recorded larger gatherings, which don't always happen, but my records show that these have tended to be bigger in the past -e.g. max 150 in 2008, 80 in 2007, 100 in 2004, and in the 1990's, up to 200 in 1997, 100 in 1996, and 260 in 1995 (that year there were high numbers from early August to late Spetember here).

We've just had 5 years (2011 to 2015)without large gatherings here, though I did see 90 over Centre Vale park in 2011, and of course, I could have missed a passing group, or they may have decided to gather elsewhere in recent years? Hope this helps.

Sandra said...

A friend in Walsden has had a pair of house martins nesting in her eaves., Four weeks ago she found the debris from 3 eggs on the ground and up to this morning there were still birds at the nest . She doesn't say whether they were adults or young. She has been out all day today but she will report back.