Sunday, February 01, 2009


I was having a problem at home with squirrels and jackdaws emptying my feeders within minutes of me putting them out. Of course, it's great to see jackdaws doing do well, but 120 can clear your birds table and feeders in a blink.

So, I bought 2 hanging baskets from Wilkinsons (99p each!) and used thick garden wire to wire them together, and it works a treat!


Gan Ainm said...

Matt, upon first looking at the photo, I thought you had spotted one of the UFOs that many people in the Calder Valley claim to have seen. Anyway, your Heath Robinson contraption is probably a damn sight cheaper that the feeder protectors on general sale. Fair play to any jackdaw, or squirrel that manages to disassemble your contraption.

Are you thinking of patenting your invention?

How about calling it the Bell Curve?

Matt Bell said...

There are many other possible names, most of which are far too impolite to post on an open blog.

It works a treat though - the tits and finches just go straight it, and the non-target stuff can't reach (there's still plenty other stuff for them to go at). Haven;t seen the great spotted woodpecker try it yet though.

Alf King said...

Great idea. I'll be off down to Wilkinsons when the snow clears.