Friday, July 08, 2016

Wednesday walk for those not at work

Hugh Firman has organised a walk on the moors with Moors for the Future this Weds 13.7.16.
It has taken a bit of setting up so they are hoping for a good number of participants from those lucky enough to be able to go mid-week.

Full details on the Calderdale Wildlife Blog. (Panel to the right of the posts.)

By the way, Hugh has chipped a bone in his elbow in a fall while out surveying, so is off work for a while.

If you need more details please email or ring Julie Swift   -

Also you're all very welcome to my talk on Tuesday - I have pictures of Striated Caracara, Tussac Bird, Falkland Thrush, Falkland Siskin, Cobb's Wren, "Puffing Pig" harbour dolphins, five species of penguin, Albatrosses, etc. etc. Also plenty of pics of fantastic plants, and of museum material on the extinct endemic canid, the "Warrah". Poster with details over on the Calderdale-wildlife.blogspot. (7.15pm Tues 12th July at Halifax Central Library in the basement meeting rooms.)

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