Friday, July 15, 2016

Mount Tabor and Fly Flats

I checked the fields between Woodlesford and Mount Tabor this morning to see if yesterdays Mediterranean Gull, found by Nick, had returned. No sign of the bird though there were plenty gulls and corvids still feeding in the fields so there is a possibility it might return.
160+ B H Gulls
28 L B B Gulls
5 Common Gulls
c85 Rook with their juveniles
c40 Jackdaws and a few Carrion Crows
c35 Starlings
1 Skylark
15+ Meadow Pipits some moving through high >SW
2 Linnet
40 Woodpigeons
13 Stock Doves

Fly Flats
Barnacle Goose is back with the Canada flock
1 Tufted Duck
7 B H Gulls >SW
1 Redshank flyover at The Withens >NE


Brian Sumner . said...

Checked all the BHG flock at TMR today but no Med. Its as if once they,re gone, they,re gone from the area. Managed an ad Yellow legged instead though.
Stonking photos of the Med.

David Sutcliffe said...

Barny is back at Fly as well - definitely no waders hanging about there just a Curlew still