Thursday, July 14, 2016

4th Med Gull for Mount Tabor

Yesterday I noticed the local farmer was cutting the fields and that a couple of Black-headed Gulls had joined 5 Lessers to feed. So I returned today to find the place buzzing with Gulls. 30+ Lesser's 10 Common and some 150 Black heads. On closer inspection I found a stunning adult summer Med Gull in with the Black heads, my fourth for this site, unfortunately for some reason I had left my camera at home, but Dave soon arrived on site just in time to see the bird fly off to the west so hopefully he will post some photos later tonight.


Muxy said...

Another great bird for Mount tabor! I assume it is in the fields towards Norton Tower. Hopefully it sticks around until tomorrow afternoon when I get chance to get out!

heavy birder said...

Yes in the newly cut fields. It flew off west at 16.10pm with other gulls but worth checking tomorrow, maybe another bird might drop in.