Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sowerby Crow Hill

Crow Hill area am

Sunny and still conditions. A bit quiet.
Hoped to see golden plover.  No luck.

5 skylarks seen
Lots of meadow pipits
8 curlews seen... plenty of distant calls
15 lapwing
1 m reed bunting
1 snipe
1 pied wagtail

Plus usual corvids, titmice, finches & thrushes.

1 large lagomorph

It's sad to see the decline of this habitat, with the drainage of the meadows, the intensive use of fertilisers etc and the creation of large fields.


David Sutcliffe said...

Agree - the number of walls being taken out messes it up for Little Owls roosting and breeding and for insects and small mammals etc. Some site have been weed killed and sown down with a one and only Rye grass mix and no other species. Not good.

ChrisJB said...

I know exactly what you mean about this area. I remember a watching the August 1999 eclipse up here and the heather was full of red admirals and peacocks. A once fantastic place, sadly on the decline nowadays.

MC said...

I find it a shame that around the fields of Shaw Lane and Crow Hill there are numerous amounts of agricultural and farmland 'litter ', ie old cars and agricultural feed bags, plus the occasional missing finger post sign . . . the general public who visit the area play there part in being tidy when visiting the area.