Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dean Head / Ryburn Dam

A walk along Dean Head top yesterday 25/03/16
1 Kestrel
8 Meadow Pipit, one very obligingly posed for a photo :)
A pair of Reed Bunting
3 Stonechat
Pair of Goosanders had been joined by another male
12 + Pairs of Canada's 
Another local first for us, although not a bird, a Common Lizard. I can't take credit for spotting it though, that was down to my wife :)
It was basking in the sun and scuttled off to hide in the grass but it kept its beady eye on us!

Ryburn Dam to Baitings
Numerous Blue, Great & Coal Tits
2 Thrushes, probably song
2 Wren
1 Goldcrest, no idea where the rest have gone!
1 Grey Wagtail
2 Treecreepers
And a very quick glimpse of the Green Woodpecker 
No Dippers this time which was unusual, the last few visits they've always been in the same spot


AndyC said...

Nice to see Lizard and get a photo..there are about on the local moors but very difficult to see...

David Sutcliffe said...

Well done to get a Lizard photo and so early in the year.