Friday, March 18, 2016

Soil Hill

First time back on Soil Hill since early January. I was kind of hoping for a nice return welcome but that did not look likely whilst walking up seeing only Magpie and Carrion Crow
Onto the top and I added Robin, Grey Heron and Curlew to my Patchwork Challenge Score-sheet. Not a bad return.
Then walking the top, I flushed JACK SNIPE. It took a fraction of a second to interpret the bright gold stripes on the bird I booted, but quick look through the bins confirmed a short bill and it did not call when flushed. It moved off pretty sharpish so I only managed distant shots, and I'm a bit gutted the stripes have not come out in the poor light. 

Jack Snipe is my first two point species for PWC this year. I was pretty thrilled with that, and thats an understatement.
Also added Stock Dove and Meadow Pipit to PWC scoresheet as well
Not a bad return to the old patch at all

Species List:
Soil Hill: Magpie, Carrion Crow, Robin, Grey Heron, Curlew, Jack Snipe, Skylark, Stock Dove, Meadow Pipit, Mallard, Blackbird,


Bradshaw Rambler said...

You haven't lost that magic touch have you Daniel?

David Sutcliffe said...

You did very well to get a shot of the 'Jack'

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Well found Daniel Ive looked for ages for one of them up at Soil Hill but still no joy.