Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Soil Hill - my 80th species

Clocked my 80th species for Soil Hill this afternoon when a nice Redshank dropped in for about 5 mins.
Also of note this afternoon, 3 Oystercatcher which came South, then banked round and headed off East. Also a solitary Grey Partridge on the top of the hill.
Other usual species were also present. The 4 additional patch year-ticks today puts me on a nice 47 points from 43 species for Patchwork Challenge 2016. Its ticking over nicely. 


David Sutcliffe said...

Clocking them up nicely Daniel - how long before you get to the ton !!?

Daniel Branch said...

Not long I hope, although I still need to wrap up Song Thrush and House Sparrow...

AndyC said...

If you walk down the hill past where the sedges and groppers are House Sparrows are often in and around the farm buildings / Houses near the road.