Thursday, November 19, 2015

Soil Hill

After a dismal wet and windy day I looked for a dry spell ( not much hope of that) but I decided to head up 'The Hill' just in case.
Bingo - a Snow Bunting on the top and with stealth got to within 4 metes.
If anyone goes up tomorrow then try the flat, low vegetation area just past the mast and to the right before the mounds. Wonder if this is an omen for the weekend with maybe snow forecast??!
I got some photos but no computer to get them on the blog yet.


Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Great find Dave, I was gonna give it a go today but bottled it after yesterday's drenching, wish I'd of made the effort now.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

I must have just left S.H. as you arrived Dave.
I did get a short glimpse of a bird on the top.
It was 30 yards beyond the mast and over on the right, flat piece of ground.Might have been the Bunt. but didn't get the bins on it and it is very distant on the video I took.

Nice one


Brian Sumner . said...

Great stuff Dave, always nice to find the first one of the winter.