Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bird Report Update

Half of the bird reports have already been sold, so if anyone needs one you can get them from the 2 outlets or send a cheque to me at 11 Mile Cross Road, Halifax HX1 4HN. Price with postage is £8.50 make payable to The Calderdale Bird Conservation Group. Thanks to DJS for selling them at the Raptor Conference at the weekend. I would also like some feedback on how to improve future reports, IE what to add or take out, weather people prefer the double two year report or an annual one, cheers Nick D. Ps had a quick look at Soil Hill today but no sign of the Snow Bunting.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

I like the double report and guess it is more economical both ways - for publication and sales. I would support whichever way is better for you Nick as you are the one who puts all the effort into producing it. A very important publication not only for us but for the next generation of birders and beyond that.

NTBR said...

Nick, I agree with Dave's post. If publishing the report every two years is more manageable than yearly then that's fine. Similarly, if publishing every year is easier to manage then that is also ok.