Sunday, November 29, 2015

Calderdale Development Plan

The proposed LDP for Calderdale has possible major implications for important bird sites in the district, if the plan goes through next year.
The following places in the Green Belt are earmarked for housing developments -
Mount Tabor/Sentry Edge; Highroad Well Moor inc Tower Hill; Shelf inc Cockhill Moor; Jay House Lane to Wellholme Park, and lots of other small places.
These can be seen on the map at the following link -
Or in local libraries. Objections can be made for each individual site, but 18 Dec is the closing date !
I'm working my way through all the Brighouse/Hipperholme/Lightcliffe/ sites, but it's a very slow job.


Muxy said...

I have commented on Mount Tabor and Sentry Edge on the council map. These sites had been recommended to be filtered because of ecological sensitivity of upland birds in the South Pennines but for some reason are still in the proposal. It is important that as many comments as possible go on the areas where we think there will be a detrimental effect on the bird life. As the proposal stands at the moment Roils Head gets more or less wiped out.

heavy birder said...

This could mean the end of my local patch, just think of what this site has turned up in recent years, Woodlark, Shorelark, Richards Pipit, Med Gulls and several Black Redstarts to name a few. Its also a wintering site for Lapwing and Golden Plover.