Sunday, November 15, 2015


Yesterday afternoon - but didn't have time to stay - with a lot of birds there though mostly a scope to to pick out any rarities !
I guess the glut of birds up there is due to the very wet ground and lots of earthworms on or near the surface
c230 Canada's and a lone Pink- footed Goose in the middle if the flock
200+ Golden Plover
50+ Lapwing
A lot of B H Gulls
c35 Feildfare
+ Starlings and corvids


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice one with the Pink-footed Goose.
I've yet to spot 'em this autumn, Sue's seen some though!!

Brian Sumner . said...

Always pays to scan through a flock of birds, well picked out Dave.

Phil D said...
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Phil D said...

Hi Dave, sorry I deleted my post above by mistake, I was try to edit it :)

A scope.....I suppose that'll be my next purchase, more expense! Is it possible to use the hide at Ringstone? I would be very interested in borrowing/purchasing a key if that's at all possible, thanks :)