Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ringstone Reservoir

First post at last!
Had an hour at Ringstone this afternoon, very windy becoming fairly cold.
100+ Canadian Geese
30+ Lapwing
30+ Little Ringed Plover.......Apologises, these were Golden Plover, thanks Dave
Kestrel hunting on west side embankment
Plus one or two others I was unable to ID

Flock of  30+ Fieldfare at Scammonden on Tuesday


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Hi Phil we are waiting for your next Great Grey Shrike!!!! Pleased to see your post though I think your Little Ringed Plover are probably Golden Plover as we have these as wintering birds up there in varying numbers. LRP's will now be wintering south of the Sahara as they are just summer visitors to Britain.

Phil D said...

Morning Dave, I've got to admit I wasn't 100% sure, I could see they were Plovers and thought I'd read that there were LRP's seen up there. Thanks for letting me know, I'm keen to learn.........and there's certainly a lot to learn :)
I'll edit my post to Golden Plover, thanks again.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Hi Phil - main thing is we are glad you are able to post. I wondered if the signs had thrown you. LRP's are rare breeding birds for us and we just get an occasional pair but it depends on water levels staying low and rising water levels often cause them to fail. They leave for Africa in Sep/Oct.
c300 Golden Plover reported from up there this morning and it's also time to watch out for Goldeneye ducks on local reservoirs.