Sunday, February 17, 2013


a 2hr. stnt in the hide today produced the following> c.160 b.h.gulls-75 common gulls- 71 canada's-     84 crow- 1 rook-22 starling- 1 heron- 1pr. mallard- 54 lapwing- 11 golden plover- 1 oystercatcher-  12 for the year up there! farmer is muck spreading in north and west fields so that is attracting the birds!     


DJSutcliffe said...

Nice selection there Geoff. Snipe love it up there at the moment, Jack Snipe might be a possibility but a lot of cover for them. Canada's coming back in force now as well. Those fields could attract something in as well.

Nick Carter said...

Well done Geoff, good to know the hide is still being used.