Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pink Feet

Approx 100 pinkies went South at 11.35am today over Mount Tabor.
Last week the female Sparrowhawk, which we see almost daily, took one of the two Mistle Thrushes that have been visiting regularly.  She hit it as it was feeding on the ground.  When mobbed by Crows she impressively carried it off over the fields towards Wainstalls.


DJSutcliffe said...

Many thanks for the 'pinkies' report. Another 100 or so went west over Cromwell Bottom at around 11.50 (BH). Think these must be different skeins!

DJSutcliffe said...

Shame about the Mistle Thrush.

Muxy said...

For me, prob the same skein considering the time I saw them and direction they were heading. Was a shame about the Thrush as we enjoyed watching them over the last few weeks but personally I have great admiration for the Sparrowhawk. Just seems ironic it picked out the Mistle Thrush when there were dozens of Starlings around.