Sunday, February 03, 2013


firstly whilst walking the dog this morning (09:10) i noticed a gull on the floods at Brearley Fields despite having no bins with me i noted the following in order.........

hovering and dipping feeding action very tern like
pale and clean looking under primaries
smaller than black headed gulls,very noticable size difference in flight
markings on the upperwing suggest it was a 1st winter

i saw it for about 5 minutes in flight never on the ground
unfortunatley on my return with my bins i was unable to find the gull, i checked out the sewage works but so far i have been unable to relocate what i think was a Bonapartes Gull


Jeff Cox said...

I was thinking Little Gull Darrell until you said Bonaparte's.

DJSutcliffe said...

Worth a check if anyone can get down there tomorrow! That would be a great record for our area Darrel - so frustrating without bins!!