Saturday, February 09, 2013

Other news today

100+ Pink-footed Geese west over Cromwell Bottom at around 11.50 (BH)

30 Waxwings in a garden down the road from Kershaw's Garden Centre at Brighouse around 12 ish (Tracy C via BS) but no further reports from the ones at Copley Grove which were last reported on Thursday.

Also a very interesting record from Martyn H - a female Grey Wagtail feeding on the ground under his garden fat ball feeder on several occasions this week. Now that is a nice garden bird!


Mike Stead said...

And a Grey Wagtail on our birdtable a couple of weeks ago, as well !

Mike Stead said...

Correction - a Pied Wagtail, not a Grey; but still a sign of different birds being driven into gardens in the cold spell.