Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hen Harrier programme

The issue of Hen Harrier persecution was addressed by the BBC on their Inside Out program yesterday following the death of Bowland Betty in the Dales. It was only broadcast in the north, even more north than Yorkshire, so you may have missed it. There are some very interesting comments, especially from the Moorland Association, which you may find informative. The article is at the start of the program.


Jeff Cox said...

Cheers Nick. Just watched the article and it was interesting, but how can people like the spokesman for the Moorland Association expect to be taken seriously when they suggest that asking for vicarious responsibility to be introduced in England (as it has been in Scotland) for gamekeepers killing birds of prey is saying that this crime is more important than murder or rape. Well, if gamekeepers murder or rape under instruction from their landowner bosses then under current laws (i.e. without vicarious responsibilty) I would expect the landowner to be prosecuted for conspiracy. So it's totally different as the guy knows because he's a lawyer! Total BS. However, this is only my personal opinion - other opinions are available.

heavy birder said...

Thanks for pointing this out Nick, just watched it. Its a disgrace that this goverment seems to do nothing to help this endangered species.