Thursday, January 03, 2013

Pinkies !!

Thanks for all the reports today of pinkies on the move mainly through the Calder Valley W or NW from 10 am till at least 4 pm.

I have tried to avoid duplication but in addition to the ones posted by Mike, below looks like c120, 60, 20, 45, 60, 165, 95, 130 and late afternoon 130 and 70. A lot might have also gone through un- noticed !

200 reported over Airdale today and noisy flock heard over Oxenhope in the dark at 19.20 (via DB and HC)

Wonder if these are new birds into the country or just the Humberside/Lincolnshire lot etc moving around. Birdguides not posted anything - any theories ?
Wonder if there will be more tonight or tomorrow ?


Steve Blacksmith said...

I read somewhere that they're quite mobile between the Lancashire arable plain and the Norfolk farmland. When anything is going on, like ploughing or shooting, they cross the Pennines for some peace. So the article said.

Two autumns ago I was in Norfolk for a week when the sky was regularly full of them, moving between fields. (Horsey Broad area.)

Matt Bell said...

All I got through the valley between Hebden and Todmorden was a group of 32 >N at 2pm

DJSutcliffe said...

Wonder if they took a short cut over the tops Matt rather than following the valley? Interesting!