Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geese and Swans

Andy C and myself are co-ordinating the reports of the movement through Calderdale of geese and swans. These movements are being logged into the Visible Migration monitoring site which incorporates many watch points across Europe.

Take a look at the Trektellen web site where there is a wealth of daily, recent and historic information on migration counts across britain and abroad.

Please keep us informed through the blog or the grapevine of all reports of geese or swans. The geese are most likely to be 'pinkies' (as as happened so far this year) but other species are possible as well as whoopers and bewicks.

All estimated counts are important (though a photo count can often be more accurate)along with the Calderdale location, direction of flight and the time are all useful.
Many thanks - Dave

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AndyC said...

Any species migrating through Calderdale can be added to trek.Mipits,Woodpigeon,Fieldfare and Redwing etc